Left Behind throws you into a ravaged world, destroyed by humans and inhabited by mindless monsters. Humanity has been Left Behind, a worldwide apocalypse has been set in motion. Nobody is left to rebuild civilization and humanity is destroying itself in endless bloodshed.

Besides a human threat, mindless rotting carcasses roam the world, attacking everything on sight. In order to survive these threats, you will have to explore the world, scavenge for supplies and weaponry and fight for your very existence.

Do you have what it takes to survive these unforgiving wastelands?


And with completely free, we really mean, COMPLETELY free. No paying, no subscriptions and most importantly, no pay-to-win features. Everybody is on equal footing.

Left Behind is a game hosted by gamers with passion. We do not require you to pay before being able to play the game. There are no subscriptions, no pay-to-win features or anything of the sort. You can however donate to show your support to our cause, but this is entirely on a voluntary basis. You can install the game, join a server and immediately experience the game, alone... or with friends.