Patch #23 (1/2)


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This patch will be split in 2 large patches. One releasing today and the other releasing later next week. The next patch will include major features such as a prestige system, reworked and new skills, loot boxes, unarmed combat and more. Today's patch lays down a lot of groundwork in preparation for the next patch which is why it might seem like it lacks new features.

Improved PhysX functionality
You can now change your character skin
Added beginner servers which you can join until you reach account level 5
Added dozens of new explore-able buildings

When playing on Alpha lighting settings you will now have the closed alpha main menu background copied directly from an unreleased closed alpha build of the game
Lowered the minimum letter count requirement for in-game messages to 1 (was previously 3)

Donation ranks
Added a new donation rank (Destroyer)
All donation ranks now get an increased game dollar rate (differs per rank)
All donation ranks now get a marketplace discount (differs per rank)

Account perks
Added an account perk overview

Added multiple new account perks
21Fast travel between safe zonesCosts 2500 game dollars per use
2410% game dollar loot bonusOnly applies to looted game dollars, not game dollars gained from killing players
2710% game dollar marketplace discountThis stacks with your donation rank

Added multiple new playable areas (military base, mountain village, multiple secret areas)
Added a new safe zone near Patch Farm

Fixed a bug where reputation would not be shown properly in the player list
Fixed a bug where some buildings could still be looked through by bugging the camera
Fixed a bug where you wouldn't be able to re-attach an original magazine to a gun
Fixed a game crash related to animated objects
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