Some of the most wanted suggestions

Do you want super zombies in big loot places (Boulder, airport, norad, campos, etc..)

  • Yes

  • No

  • Yes i want them but not in Campos, Boulder and Norad.

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Hi all,

I did some research and looked deeply into the suggestions txt channels on discord to find out the most wanted suggestions, and here they are :

- Increasing rarest high tier AR's has been hugely asked as you can see below but Drake already change the spawn rate recently of theses guns from 0.02% to 0.08% (which means they will drop 4x times more than before if i'm not mistaken) so we will see in the next days/weeks if the spawnrate is correct.

rare ar.PNGIncrease rare ar loot drop.png

- Changing the skin of a character who has already been created has been asked a lot too, however it is not a priority at all imo but i think it deserve to be here anyway.
change skins character.PNG
(A lot of others people suggested it obviously but i won't upload that much screenshots.

- Items Box / wooden crates has been asked a lot too and i think it's a great idea.

- The Super Zombie however have mixed opinion as you can see :
super zombie.PNG
I think most of the pvp players want it which is not the case for most pve players, i personally think it is a cool new feature to add which is giving players one more reason to loot and it add some content to the game who feels a little bit empty to thoses who already played thousand of hours of Warz, im not looting at all this days because i got a good GI but if super zombies would be add i would definetly farm them to get some rare AR and maybe snipers. (with very very low % of spawnrate ofc, most of the time it should spawn for exemple 1000 dollars, m4, m4 semi, DX's, iba sand, mtv, etc...)

And even if you don't like super zombie you don't have to kill them, avoiding them is pretty easy and they always remains in a short range.

We are not force to follow the same path as ISS so maybe changing his amount of HP could be cool, since Left Behind is little bit more generous in stuff than ISS we could say it would need 200-300 bullets to kill a super zombie which will add challenge to the pve in this game, and it would also increase the PvP action in loot places around super zombie because with all that bullets you're going to attract some people.

I think super zombie is a must have, imo there is no negative outcome of them but if you find some let me know about them and i would gladly discuss about that.
In addition to all that i would like to ask a poll about super zombies if the community wants them or not (this isn't an official poll so no matter what the majority wants the devs aren't force in any way to accept the demands).


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About the wooden box, Drake said it's just the rare weapon with a wooden box skin, it's not an sup item with a random chance to loot a rare item, it's useless like that :/