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Hello survivors!

We are looking for Discord Moderators who are willing to help Left Behind with moderating our Discord chats.

We are looking for one (1) moderator for EACH region currently represented in Discord, these are:
  • English
  • Portuguese
  • French
  • German
  • Spanish
  • Polish
  • Turkish
Your job as a moderator is to do the following:

  • Prevent people from spamming.
  • Prevent people from advertising their own in-real life products and/or games (whether this be The WarZ or something else).
  • Keep the chat from becoming a toxic environment.
  • Besides your own region's chat channel, keep the general channels clean of spam, toxicity and rude behaviour.

We want to trust you guys as you come directly from the community. Any reports of community members concerning abuse of your moderator powers will be taken seriously. Please send Lars (Lars#3794) or me (Drake#8841) a PM on Discord.

When applying, please explain to us the following:

Who are you, and why are you applying to become a moderator on the official Left Behind Discord?

As always, thank you for your continued support and coorperation!

~ The Left Behind team


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Hey my name is Nick i’m 19 and I’ve been playing games for most of my childhood and that includes all of free reigns games. I think I’d be a good fit for a discord moderator as i’m active and participating in the server and I understand the culture surrounding these games. I love the progress that this emulator has made versus all the other emulators with extreme neon skins and I appreciate the fact that you’re keeping the game stuck to where it was originally and not adding extra stuff that no one needs. The game is a post apocalyptic game and as long as it’s kept to that theme I think this emulator could take off and I would love to help out. I’m applying for the english discord mod position.


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I'd like to apply for Polish discord moderator.
Who I am? Peter(Piotrek) 21 old one student from Częstochowa ( Jasna góra monastery etc.)
I'd like to be moderator, because I'm very proud of being part of this community, and I'd like to make it better for everyone, and make it better community, for people from my country, and for everyone else. I'm spending around 3-4 hours right now on discord so about being active, there is no problem for me.


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Hi! My name is Ozi on the discord, and I'd like to be the Turkish Discord Moderator.
I'm 20 years old and have been playing WarZ since thealpha days, and I'd like to be a moderator because im fluent in both English and Turkish, thus able to properly filter out inappropriate comments in that part of the discord. I'm very active as well, so I'll always be able to keep an eye on the channel.


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My name is Khal, 2X years, i'm a French player on Left Behind since the first day, first as a tester and now as a player.
I'd like to be moderator for French community, i am often present during the day and in the evening, it's always a pleasure to gag all trolls and idiot on the discord, more seriously, make the discord more pleasant for FR players because we are one of the most important communities on the game today.



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Hey Ito!

My name is Veredra and applying for English moderator.

I'd really like to be part of the moderator team as I really want to help this community grow! I have my own business that I operate from home so I am frequently active on the computer which gives me access to follow the discord throughout a large time frame of the day.
I find negativity for the sake of it (trolling) disappointing and would be willing to help out the Left Behind team so they can focus on more constructive issues, or even just to help take some stress off your shoulders.

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